3 Best Airbrush Makeup Kit 2017 That You Should Have

Airbrush makeup is happening recently. This airbrush makeup technique requires airbrush makeup kit, a small kit having compression to remove liquid foundation on your face. There are some products of best airbrush makeup kit 2017 easy to use so that it is appropriate for beginners or makeup experts. It covers your face perfectly and long lasting.

Art of Air Professional

Are you a makeup professional or beginner? It is appropriately taking a product of Art of Air Professional airbrush makeup kit. This is the best airbrush makeup kit to have. Despite of being completed by airbrush tool, this kit is completed by six-tone for foundation and primary anti aging bronzer, blush, and shining highlight. It is available with a makeup case for airbrush and compressor. You may mix the different tone color of the foundation with this airbrush tool. Art of Air Professional is very great for beginners because the air flow can be managed evenly. You can control air pressure using a button and compressor. It means that the beginners can start applying thin layer on the skin and learn on how to hold a brush.

Luminess Air Basic

One of the other products for best airbrush makeup kit 2017 is Luminess Air Basic. If you love free oil and based water makeup tool, this will be a perfect choice. Luminess has created unique formula from mild makeup products making great and suitable for sensitive skin. This is hypo – allergic and non – comedogenic makeup kit so that it is suitable for acne, dry, and sensitive skin. This airbrush kit is completed by light power compressor, tote bag, and three basic tone color foundations.

Aeroblend Personal

The last recommended product of airbrush makeup kit is Aeroblend Personal. If skin color is difficultly matched to a certain color of foundation, you may mix it based on the appropriate foundation color to skin tone. It offers exclusive colors for beginners and professionals. This kit offers five different tone foundation, blush, bronzer, and stabilo. When you make up with this best airbrush makeup kit 2017, it lasts for ten hours.